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Future Organic Neem Honey - 250 Grams 


Since time immemorial, Neem stands conspicuously to be the most potent plant – based medicines. Admittedly, Neem honey has proved to be a high-valued medicinal food in the world of Ayurveda, and for its numerous benefits this honey is fondly called Maharishi honey. Neem honey has anti – inflammatory properties which is good for cough and cold, while it profoundly acts as an internal antiseptic and cleanses the internal human body system to boost the overall health, abates blood pressure, treats skin ailments, addresses dental problems and anonymous allergies. Neem honey has proved to be good for the children as well.

Neem Honey For Diabetes Patients, for Immune Support, Energy Booster, WeightLoss

SKU: FO - NH -250 GM
Excluding Taxes
  • Raw organic Neem Extracts with Forest Honey

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