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Future Organics Ginger Honey -


Ginger Honey provides instant relief for cold, sore throat & running nose. It may also reduce Asthma combined with Yoga .It may reduces nausea & vomiting associated with chemotherapy. It can also help you control the pressure of blood & risk of ailments. It aids in digestion & may regulate stomach pain. Here organic ginger is mixed with premier Kashmir honey to get the benefit of both of them.


The mixture of Ginger and Honey is packed with amazing health benefits that includes helping with indigestion, preventing dental problems, easing menstrual cramps, helping with cancer management, improving heart health, relieving stress, treating joint pain and migraines, treating asthma, improving stomach performance, and may help prevent cancer.

Cold, Cough Remedy - Pure Ginger Honey with Essential Nutrients

SKU: FO - GH -350 GM
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  • Premier Kashmir valley honey is mixed with organic ginger to taste its best.

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