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Gift pack of 5 Aromatherapy Essential Oils. Lemon Grass, Rose, Parijatham, Jasmine and Lavender. Create a relaxing, rejuvenating and holistic experience. They have multiple uses and benefits.  They could be used to cure daily ailments cough, dullness, cold, headaches and dizziness. They act as the best remedy and a natural antibiotic. Essential oils provide natural pain relief without any side effects. Additionally, it safeguards you from mosquitoes and insects, and the aromatic ambiance enables you to dwell peacefully. It acts as a medicine, a holistic healer for the body and the soul. These oils are a perfect getaway from the hectic and stressful lifestyle. Feel calm and relaxed let your body experience the magic of aromatherapy. Can be used in a diffuser as well.

Essential Oils - Gift Pack Of 5

Excluding Taxes
  • 100ML

  • 24 Months from the day of packing

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