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This product of Future Organics is made from special herbal solution which is a mix of researched traditional herbs to remove the high content of GI normally found in jaggery and make a special sugar cane jaggery powder to taste its best.


Traditionally used as a substitute for sugar, Organic Sulphur Free Jaggery Powder is still considered to be healthier than any form of sugar consumption. Future Organic’s Jaggery Powder is specially made in a farm which grows sugar cane only to produce the purest form of organic jaggery. Sans any chemicals or pesticides in its cultivation, this jaggery is hugely in demand and is consumed by the village folks as soon as it is ready for consumption. Despite having a special quantity put aside for our lovely customers, this organic jaggery may not always be in stock. So hurry and pick up your healthy sweet fix today!

Country Jaggery (Sulphur Free) - 500 gram each ( Pack of 3 )

Excluding Taxes
  • 500gms

  • To be used as a sweetener

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