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Its also Honey has become a household product of great demand . Every one recognizes the numerous health benefits & there for is consumed on a day To basis in large measure . But there are so many honeys in the market that people Do not know what to choose & don’t know how they taste . It’s for this reason we have come with a pack which has six varied varieties all with their own unique health benefits so that you can choose the one specifically for you or continue to taste each one every other day available in this gift pack ,the choice is yours . The gift pack contains six varieties selected to give you the best which are Saffron , Himalayan honey , Ginger honey ,jamun honey , jujube honey & Thulasi honey.


SKU: FO - NEH -180 GM
Excluding Taxes
  • six verities of honeys namely, Ginger honey, Himalayan honey, Shesham honey, Thulsi honey, safforn honey and Jujube Honey.

  • 24 months from the date of packing

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